A Church of people who GROW & SHOW their love for God by serving others and living a rich and satisfying life.


Our Belief Statement

We believe that people were created free and perfect. They were set in a beautiful garden, but were seduced and broke God’s spoken word to them. This tendency was grafted into human beings, destroying the gift of life, causing a debt of punishment and dividing them from the love of God. In this state there was no hope and we would have perished. Then God’s love for His people that He had created caused Him to send His Son to us.
God’s son is Jesus. Jesus was a real person who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed amazing miracles and taught truth. He was completely man and completely God. Jesus was innocent yet condemned; giving His life to restore all that was lost.
We can now find forgiveness in the belief that Jesus was sent by God to pay the debt our sins against God incurred. As new creatures in God, a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life awaits us in God’s church. We believe the ministry Jesus had on the earth is available to His church through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus will return for His people, but if we depart this earth before then, we know we will find our place in heaven with God. We believe in a final day of judgment where we will all stand before God to be accountable for our deeds on the earth.

Jesus wants us to win at life


Church Office

  • Located at the Ministry Center
  • Office Hours: Tues - Thur 10am-4pm
  • Phone Number: 409-755-1388

Have questions? Need prayer? Call us!

What to Expect on Sundays

  • Wear whatever makes you comfortable - casual is the norm here.
  • Each service lasts a little more than one hour.
  • Experience thought-provoking and engaging messages are always based on the Bible.
  • High-energy worship music.
  • Giving time (we don't ask guests to give).
  • Fun environment just for the kids.
  • About once a month, there will be water baptisms and the partaking of communion.

Finding Your Way Around

Being somewhere new can be intimidating. At Journey, we have greeters posted every Sunday to help you find your way, so don't worry about getting lost!

If you park by the bell tower, you will easily be able to drop your children off at the Ministry Center (not including infants).

Sunday services for adults are located in the Worship Center.

If you are coming on a day other than Sunday please see the full campus map under the Sunday morning campus map.

If you are planning a trip and have any questions on directions or what building to go to, please call the church office at 409-755-1388.

Our address is 1534 South Main, Lumberton, Texas 77657.

Here is a full campus map if you are coming for a special event.