But you, when you pray, enter your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Matthew 6:6 
What are Closets?
No doubt, Jesus had a powerful prayer life. He modeled this for his disciples on multiple occasions. To be his follower, we too must be people of prayer. Journey is committed to helping its members develop a strong prayer life. We call this devotional life environment, closets.
We believe that a strong “closet” life will strengthen us in at least these three ways:
1.     Living God’s will for our lives. Various Bible verses teach us that it is the tendency of humans to go their own way. Our prayer life should lead us to a God-centered life. It should strengthen us to walk boldly in our call to our own family and our world.
2.     Toward greater and greater financial generosity. There is no doubt that Jesus taught financial generosity. The church does not receive grants from the state. The financial generosity of the members and guests of our church support everything we do. Jesus taught that a quality devotional life would lead to financial generosity to our church, missions and the poor.
3.     How we view others. Jesus talked about having a good eye (Matthew 6:22). This has everything to do with the way we perceive and treat others. In other words, how we feel and speak of others when they are not present. Do we see everyone as valuable? Do we believe and repeat gossip?
When we say "closets" we are referring to a personal and family devotional life which includes prayer, generosity, and our perspective on others.
Resources for personal and family growth 
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General Study Resources for Bible Study
Bible Gateway
Best Use: Listening, reading or looking up passages in your Bible.
Bible Hub
Best Use: Quickly looking at multiple versions of the same verse.
Blue Letter Bible
Best Use: Interlinear tools for Greek and Hebrew study and Thayer's Lexicon.
Best Use: Mobile app for a no cost and ad-free Bible. Powerful devotions as well.
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