What are Circles?
Christians typically make slow progress toward spiritual growth after their salvation. We believe this is because we are missing the obvious model Jesus showed us by his lifestyle. We believe Jesus displayed life in 3 environments (rows, circles, and closets), but of the three there is no doubt he spent most of his time with his circle of 12.
Here is what we know: Discipleship requires relationship and learning in a small group of people. So, honestly, it’s not important… it’s essential and irresistible.
Circles are our model for discipleship in small groups. Think of Jesus and his 12 and you have it. They are about accountability, belief and care. Circles also bring together men, women, couples, and singles ministries all into one fabulous whole.
Billy Preston asked in his 1973 smash hit, “♪ Will it go round in circles?” He had a song, without a melody, but that didn’t stop it from selling a million copies. We want our circles to be an on-ramp for people to grow relationally and spiritually.
When we say "Circles" we are talking about Journey's small groups.
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